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Leitz Tooling is open for the tooling and tool service needs of those trades working across ongoing projects across the UK, as well as supporting trades working on vital NHS construction projects.
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Wood is beautiful. As the oldest construction material in human history, wood has sustained generations.

Wood is sustainable. Its valuable characteristics and natural advantages are irreplaceable. Regenerating forests stabilise the climate and absorb greenhouse gas emissions and wood products prolong this storage. 

Wood can be shaped. It is the most important, versatile and utilised material in the world. Wood products provide living spaces, quality of life, comfort and warmth, and effective woodworking requires innovative techniques and the best tools.

WIth comprehensive services, innovative tools and manufacturer's service, Leitz helps you make the best out of wood.
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PlugTec corner joint
Leitz PlugTec The new Leitz window corner joint PlugTec combines the advantages of established slot-tenon with counter-dowel joints in one system – increased stability with cost-effective production.
ThermoTech Window System
Leitz ThermoTech Window System Leitz ThermoTech Window System is a complete, compliant and scalable system for the manufacture of high quality ‘A’ rated thermal windows, which reduces waste and sanding and increases performance and finish.
NEW 'Lite' ThermoTech System
Leitz launches ThermoTech Lite

Leitz's ThermoTech Window System 'Lite' has been launched. 

Click for details of this latest addition to Leitz's range of tooling solutions for A and A+ BFRC energy rated timber window production.

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