Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Complete Care

With tooling generally being less than 1% of the overall procurement costs in wood derived material manufacturing companies, sometimes they are looked at as a “C” priority. Saying this however, if the tool does not perform, or is not available when needed, the cost of this in terms of production is often considerably higher. Leitz offers a complete care program to ensure consistent production as far as the tooling is concerned.

Complete Care is the highest level of the Leitz tool management process.  Complete Care is a long term partnership designed for mutual benefit. Many well-known national and global organisations currently benefit from this system. It always starts with a current cost analysis, which in turn establishes a base to work from. The parameters for security of supply and logistics are derived and agreed.

To complete the concept, invoicing against a measured medium is to be defined. i.e. m², m³ or number of pieces/elements.