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Tool Optimisation Seminars shine a light on Leitz Tooling

Leitz Tool Optimisations seminars

8th August 2014

Leitz Tooling held a series of Tool Optimisation Seminars and demonstrations its Harlow head office over the summer, including demonstrations of their tooling capabilities on a Holz-Her Dynestic 7516 CNC, kindly donated by Weinig UK for the occasion.

The half-day sessions were attended mainly by panel processing companies and furniture production companies with commercial furniture and interior fit-out contracts. In the seminars, the Leitz team presented the latest in tool optimisation and innovation and discussed a wide range of production issues and tooling problems, including correct RPM, feed speeds and peripheral speeds. The most popular section of the seminars proved to be Leitz’s tips and advice sessions, which covered very specific issues for individual customers, to ideas for solutions for much more common problems experienced by most manufacturers. Increasing noise, or heat caused by friction, were identified as possible warning signs which in many cases could be resolved by correct tooling and balance, and which has an immediate impact on improved accuracy and productivity. Leitz Tooling sales manager Brian Maddox also made an appeal for companies to measure their current tooling performance, such as to number of cuts, pieces produced, items per day, so they have a benchmark for future comparison.

Mark Gunn, senior manufacturing engineer at powered adjustable chair and bed manufacturer Furmanac Ltd. said the seminars changed the way people thought about tooling. “It became clear that there are things we can easily do which will have a positive effect on tool life and our productivity.  This was a really worthwhile seminar.”

Full service contractors Vascroft Contractors Ltd. believe in investing in quality tooling and as a Leitz customer, already experience the benefits of Leitz’s tools first hand. “We’ve realised that we’re using our CNCs at a fraction of their potential and today was another step towards addressing this. The combination of seeing Leitz tooling on the CNC and the briefing from Holz-Her gave us food for thought, as well as reassurance than our systematic approach to tooling with Leitz is the right way forward.”

Leitz’s sales manager Brian Maddox said, “These Tool Optimisation Seminars are a great opportunity for companies to see what’s possible, to find out what a tool can really do, and even how to reduce the number of processes, making for more efficient and profitable businesses for our customers. We encourage companies to ask questions and seek advice; that’s what we’re here for.”

Leitz Tooling UK is the largest supplier of tooling to British industry and is the largest manufacturer of tools for woodworking worldwide. The company provides full nationwide service and technical support with regional representatives and supports its products with the Leitz-Lexicon; one of the most comprehensive and informative publications in the industry. Leitz Tooling has trained the Health & Safety Executive and all Leitz tooling is manufactured and safety tested to BS EN847 standards.

Companies can order their tooling directly from Leitz Online Shop – visit or download Leitz Tooling’s app for iPhone, iPad or Android from Apple’s App Store or Google Play - search for Leitz. For more information Leitz Tooling, contact


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