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A true sign of success: Leitz celebrates 57 employee anniversaries

Leitz celebrates 57 employee anniversaries

16th December 2014

At a ceremony in its Oberkochen headquarters, Leitz honored 57 employees for their years of employment, extending best wishes to 14 retirees.

Oberkochen, Germany - Alessandro Telesio, spokesman of the Management Board for the Leitz Group, thanked those celebrating milestone anniversaries in 2014 for their years of faithful dedication and congratulated those entering retirement. "The large number of long-term employees is a special strength of Leitz", says Telesio. A company can only successfully tackle the challenges of innovation, automation and internationalization with experienced employees on staff. "Achieving success identifies the employees with the company and vice versa", comments Telesio.

Telesio’s predecessor, the former Chairman of the Board, Dr. Dieter Brucklacher, was one of those honored for 40 years with Leitz. In 2014, Dr. Brucklacher retired from the Management Board and moved to the Advisory Board of the company. Telesio and all in attendance expressed their gratitude to Dr. Brucklacher for his long-standing commitment.

Taking advantage of change
Telesio took a moment to look back at the 2014 business year. Although the wood processing industry has changed structurally over previous years, "Leitz has never regarded change as a threat, but rather as an opportunity", says Telesio. The company is on the right path and has established measures to efficiently adapt to changing conditions. Among other things, we will focus strongly on product groups, markets and customers. Leitz is working toward expanding their market position in Asia. Additionally, the regional restructure of Leitz USA, has led to a significant increase in market shares.  

Honorees were awarded certificates
The Chairman of the Works Council at Leitz headquarters in Oberkochen, Rainer Kopp, thanked the employees celebrating anniversaries and the pensioners. Each employee has helped carry and shape the story of Leitz over many years. Nikolaus Ebert, Mayor of Unterschneidheim, described the Leitz anniversary celebration as a special moment symbolizing the loyalty of the employees towards their company. Ebert presented an honorary certificate of Baden-Württemberg to 12 Leitz employees celebrating 40 years of employment.       

The company
Founded in 1876 in Oberkochen, Southern Germany, the Leitz Group is the worldwide leading manufacturer of tools for industrial processing of wood, wood derived materials, plastic and compound materials. The Leitz product spectrum covers the complete range of precision tools for automated machines. In a complete package of advisory services, 3,000 Leitz employees pass on their experience of cutting tools to customers so meeting daily the requirements of a complete problem solver and producing service provider. Leitz products regularly are used in more than 150 countries on earth. By 6 production locations in Europe, Asia and America, Leitz sales companies and offices in 36 countries, a close net of about 140 service stations with quick-production facilities as well as sales partners, Leitz is represented on all continents


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