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Leitz grows partnership with Sechta-Ries School

Leitz grows partnership with Sechta-Ries School

22nd December 2014

Leitz and Sechta-Ries School in Unterschneidheim strengthen their educational partnership. As a starting point, the Sechta-Ries School received a generous donation from the VDMA IMPULS Foundation.   

Oberkochen / Unterschneidheim – During a ceremony at Sechta-Ries School in Unterschneidheim / Germany, attended by students and Leitz apprentices, Principal Peter Jiskra accepted a donation from the IMPULS Foundation of the VDMA (Association of German Engineering). The donation of 10.000 € will be used to modernize the engineering classroom—including new workbenches and vices for metal processing. As the former Chairman of the Board of Trustees of IMPULS Foundation, Dr. Dieter Brucklacher, Advisory Board member of Leitz GmbH & Co. KG, presented the donation and is responsible for bringing together the foundation and the school.  

Leitz and the Sechta-Ries School have partnered in education since 2011. Dr. Brucklacher emphasized that the donation represents the beginning of a strengthened and improved alliance between the Sechta-Ries School and Leitz. "We want to build a bridge between economy and school," stated Brucklacher.  "The objective is to get young people excited about technology and show them how fascinating it is to work with metals." In the last few weeks, school and enterprise have developed a new concept for their educational partnership. Among others, that concept includes technology workshops for 5th and 6th year Sechta-Ries students where they are given a chance to develop their own product ideas. The technology workshops include short, practical training in the Leitz Unterschneidheim workshops, where students can take their projects to the next level and become familiar with working technologies in a modern production facility. Formats for older students are also being developed. Company tours and discussions with Leitz apprentices will help participants determine their career path. "Those who will be graduating have a lot of questions", said Dr. Brucklacher.  "We want to fully support these young people and help them find the right answers."

IMPULS Foundation launches youth vocational study
At the donation ceremony, the IMPULS Foundation showcased its current study "Young talent for technical occupations in mechanical engineering". Nearly 1,600 apprentices and 1,000 pupils throughout Germany participated in this study. Among other things, the study looks at the criteria employed by young people to pursue a dual education. The results of the study justify a stronger interaction between economy and school: Nearly two thirds of those surveyed want businesses to visit their schools and give presentations about technical occupations. Similarly, the demand for student on-site visits to businesses was prevalent.  "The expanded cooperation between Leitz and the Sechta-Ries School will break barriers that pre-vent graduates from choosing technical careers", said Stefan Röger, Managing Director of the Foundation. "We are proud to be a strong supporter of this project“, added Dr. Johannes Gernandt, also a member of the Executive Board for the foun-dation.

The IMPULS Foundation was founded in 1989 on the 100th anniversary of VDMA. It supports studies primarily in areas of economic and regulatory policy as well as education and innovation policy. IMPULS analyzes trends and offers policy options for businesses. Additionally, the foundation works to raise political and media awareness about mechanical engineering in Germany. The Board of Trustees consists of the VDMA’s President, its Managing Director, and representatives of industry and science. The foundation's corporate office is in Frankfurt.  

Leitz Unterschneidheim celebrates 50 years
It was a day of celebration for Leitz—beginning with the donation ceremony at Sechta-Ries School and concluding that evening with the commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the Leitz Unterschneidheim facility.


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