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Leitz Tooling Systems US Joins WDMA

Leitz Tooling Systems Joins WDMA

6th January 2015

The Window and Door Manufacturers Association (WDMA) announced today that Leitz Tooling Systems US is the newest member of the association.

WASHINGTON, DC - The Window & Door Manufacturers Association defines the standards of excellence in the residential and commercial window, door, and skylight industry and advances these standards among industry members while providing advocacy resources, educational and professional programs, and ways for members to provide greater value to their customers.

Leitz Tooling Systems engineers and manufactures machine tools for processing wood and advanced materials. A significant portion of Leitz annual revenue is reinvested in research and development, exchange programs with universities and market research involving machine producers and customers.

Leitz works with both equipment OEMs and end users to develop advanced tooling solutions for windows and doors, with consideration for engineering, design and manufacturing code differences across the world. That gives the company a broad perspective and range of solutions for virtually any production requirement. This knowledge base has led to numerous tooling innovations-including custom solutions for window and door manufacturing.

Leitz utilizes a comprehensive, consultative approach in their customer relationships, working to understand challenges and goals for quality, production cost, and output. The company also has developed strong partnerships with raw materials suppliers, and hardware and software companies to help streamline processes in all aspects of manufacturing.

The Leitz world headquarters and primary production facility is in Germany. Leitz operates production facilities in Europe, Asia and America. Leitz has sales subsidiaries in 36 countries and no fewer than 140 company-owned service centers world-wide.

Leitz Tooling Systems has 8 locations in North America including 5 in the United States, 2 in Canada, and 1 in Mexico

"We're looking forward to our participation in the WDMA, to both learn from and contribute to the knowledgebase of the membership body," said Mike Lind, Leitz US CEO. "We have decades of experience in specialized window and door tooling, but the industry is always evolving. This membership gives us a great opportunity to apply our expertise for making manufacturing easier and more efficient."

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