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Case Studies

Our latest case studies and success stories are below - click for more information on how companies are using Leitz Tooling to their full advantage.

Coachman caravan production

Excellent finish, longer life, astonishing productivity: Leitz Tooling

London / Dec 2015

“When a company’s production can’t keep up with assembly, they’ve got a big problem,” said Leitz Tooling sales manager Brian Maddox. “However, in many cases, the solution just might be as simple as the tooling.” 

Mersey MPP

“The tooling changes we’ve made with Leitz have saved us tens of thousands of pounds” 

London / Oct 2015

When the melamine faced chipboard (MFC) that is the staple material of your manufacturing starts to chip, you start to face a whole range of production, rectification, time and cost issues. 

KP Joinery

KP Joinery turns to Leitz Tooling’s ThermoTech Window System

London / Dec 2014

KP Joinery has adapted Leitz Tooling’s new “ThermoTech Window System” to their existing Leitz window manufacture tooling, enabling them to produce A rated thermal performing timber windows. 

Quaryside Conservatories

Quayside Conservatories invest in Leitz Tooling’s ThermoTech Window System

London / April 2014

Quayside Conservatories, Suffolk now uses Leitz Tooling’s new “ThermoTech Window System” to manufacture ‘A’ rated thermal storm-proof, flush casement and traditional wood windows. 

Leitz Razor Cut saw blades

Need a better ‘finish cut’ in MFC and longer lasting saw blades?

London / February 2014

"Leitz looked at what we were producing, how we did it and took away a couple of blades for sharpening. Once the first one was back on the beam saw, we didn’t change it for four weeks and the MFC cut more smoothly than we’d ever seen.” 

Grant Westfield

Leitz Razor-Cut saw blades slash production costs on beam saws at Grant Westfield

January 2014

"With Leitz’s Razor-Cut saw blades, one blade will last for two shifts; the saving in down time alone is impressive.”

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