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Quayside Conservatories invest in Leitz Tooling’s ThermoTech Window System

Quaryside Conservatories

April 2014

Published case study - Quayside Conservatories - Woodworking News May 14

Quayside Conservatories, Suffolk now uses Leitz Tooling’s new “ThermoTech Window System” to manufacture ‘A’ rated thermal storm-proof, flush casement and traditional wood windows.  Leitz Tooling has developed a complete, compliant and scalable system for the manufacture of high quality ‘A’ rated thermal windows which reduce waste and sanding and increases performance and finish.

With Leitz’s ThermoTech Window System, all design U values of the timber windows are 1.4 or better, and a wide range of designs for different hinges and the profiles are offered without taking additional time to manufacture. In conjunction with the installation of the new system, Quayside Conservatories is rebranding the marketing of their windows as Q Tech Windows, which will be used specifically for their window market, whilst retaining their 20 year old tried and trusted branding of Quayside Conservatories for the conservatory, orangery and lantern roof market.

Terry Howes of Quayside Conservatories said, “We have seen growing demand for high quality ‘A’ rated timber windows from the domestic customers and house builders and contractors we work with throughout East Anglia and the South East. It was a significant decision for us to make this investment, but Leitz’s ThermoTech Window System was without doubt the right choice for us.”

With companies looking to diversify and seek a competitive advantage, Leitz’s ThermoTech Window System provides an all-in-one package solution which is scalable for the specific and changing needs of individual businesses. British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) registered simulator with Leitz, Richard Jacob, said “The system supports variations to suit most manufacturers’ individual specifications, and offers flexibility. As a low cost, dedicated modular system, it is not only as accessible and as future-proof as we can make it, but includes the support customers might need, be it custom window design or the simulation to BRFC regulations to get the approved all-important ‘A’ rating.”

For more information on Leitz ThermoTech Window System, contact Brian Maddox on Download Leitz Tooling’s app for iPhone, iPad or Android from Apple’s App Store or Google Play - search for Leitz - or visit

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