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Leitz PlugTec: See it in action at machine manufacturer and distributor locations


19th January 2015

Almost one year ago, the Leitz PlugTec window joint was introduced at the Holz-Handwerk Fair. Since then it has been well received in the market, and preliminary projects have been successfully completed. Now customers can observe PlugTec production in action at machine manufacturer and distributor facilities.

Some things you have to see for yourself. That's what Leitz says about their newest window joint innovation. "We like to bring users to machine manufacturer and distributor facilities where they can see PlugTec production on CNC-machines", says Leitz window expert Martin Kenntner. The PlugTec presentation is especially worthwhile for companies who are considering investing in new machinery.  "Window producers who want to make processes quicker and more effective can benefit from these demonstrations”, says Kenntner. 

Machining centers equipped with tooling for the production of PlugTec can be found at Biesse in Ulm-Elchingen, at Homag in Schopfloch and Herzebrock, and at Weinig in Tauberbischofsheim. A Masterwood machine with these tools is waiting to be put into operation at Engelfried in Aalen. In Italy, you can watch PlugTec production at Biesse in Pesaro and at SCM in Rimini. Leitz also offers PlugTec demonstrations in the Riedau Technology Center.  

PlugTec production will be showcased in a number of exhibitions during the first six months of 2015. Weinig will display the corner joint at Ligna 2015 in Hannover, SCM at its open house and Biesse at their Windays event. In addition to integral and hybrid tools, PlugTec will be showcased at the Leitz Ligna booths in Halls 12 and 26. 

This innovative window corner joint has been proven in practice and has met all expectations defined during product development—confirming PlugTec's superior stability compared to conventional corner joints. Even before market introduction, product tests at the IFT Rosenheim Testing Institute showed the following: The load capacity of the sash weights amounts up to 150 kilograms—even at wood thicknesses of 68. Furthermore, total process time decreases by nearly 10 percent when using PlugTec. Feedback from several machine manufacturers supports these findings, making PlugTec one of the most effective window corner joints on the market.  

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