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Leitz Razor-Cut saw blades slash production costs on beam saws at Grant Westfield

Grant Westfield

January 2014

With over 100 years in interior building design and an enviable history in the field of manufacturing for building interiors, Grant Westfield has a wealth of experience in the design of all aspects of their field. The ability to design and manufacture using specialist tools and processes means that they can meet the most stringent architectural requirements.

Their multiPANEL product line produces 4,000 – 5,000 domestic shower panels per week in 9mm plywood, laminated both sides and PVA glue bonded. MultiPANEL is the leading product of its type in the UK. Cutting five stacked boards at a time, Grant Westfield’s previous saw blades needed to be changed every 300 to 400 boards, but a trial with Leitz Tooling, the UK’s leading supplier of tooling to British industry, had saw blades lasting up to a recorded 1,358 boards before a change was needed.

Grant Westfield machine shop foreman Grant Finlay said, “About a year ago we took three sets of Leitz Razor-Cut saw blades on trial. They were talking numbers and performance which we didn’t think possible, so we gave it a try. Previously our old blades lasted between 300 and 400 boards which means we were changing blades two or three times each shift. With Leitz’s Razor-Cut saw blades, one blade will last for two shifts; the saving in down time alone is impressive.”

Mr. Finlay continued, “It’s a no brainer, the new blades are far superior. Leitz saw blades might cost more but the savings far outweigh the price. We were spending much more on ‘cheaper’ saw blades before we made the switch. The difference between the old saw blades and Leitz is like night and day. We’re now on a further four sets and have not looked back.”

Brian Maddox, Leitz Tooling sales manager said, “We know our Razor-Cut saw blades outperform the competition every time, but tooling can easily slip down the list of manufacturers’ priorities. A trial with our saw blades can make such a difference in down time and setting time, duration and quality, and we want more manufacturers to talk to us about what Leitz can do to transform their production lines. The time and cost saving potential in downtime is huge, particularly when combined with our expert sharpening services.”

Leitz Razor-Cut saw blades are designed for noise reduced sizing to finish cut quality. Special cutting geometry ensures perfect cut faces and tear-free cutting edges in timber products coated with foil or plastics and the tool body has vibration-damping laser ornaments and irregular pitched teeth for noise reduction and smooth running.

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