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Holz-Handwerk 2016: a great result for Leitz Tooling

Leitz at HolzHandwerk 2016

April 2016

At this year’s Holz-Handwerk in Nuremberg, Leitz presented its products and services on a 370m2 booth. The full-range supplier additionally focused on window production and solid wood processing which was of particular appeal to visitors to the Fensterbau Frontale exhibition, which took place at the same time at the Nuremberg exhibition grounds. 
“For us, the Holz-Handwerk had been a great start to the new quarter”, said Alessandro Telesio, CEO of the Leitz Group. “We have shown an excellent performance. Our messages of a being a manufacturing service provider and partner for optimal processes were well received by our customers.” Many visitors of this year’s event for wood- and plastic-processing had detailed investment plans and required specific information which Leitz was able to deliver at the exhibition, and will continue to do so directly at customers production sites. Leitz also saw considerable increase of incoming orders from the OEM sectors: “Users, who have invested in new machine technology, subsequently also require the tools and processing know-how”, explains Telesio. The Leitz-CEO thanked everyone involved ensuring that Leitz was a success at the exhibition: “Having a presence at the exhibition is very challenging. It only becomes really successful if you have a good team. And our team was excellent.”    
According to the organizer, 110,000 people visited during the four days of the Holz-Handwerk. As in previous years, the majority of visitors were from Germany and the neighboring countries. However, Leitz welcomed numerous customers from overseas on its booth. Many of these visitors also took the time to visit the main Leitz factory in Oberkochen to discuss current international processing trends.
Window production and solid wood processing focus 
At its Holz-Handwerk booth, Leitz showcased tooling highlights and innovative technologies for window production and solid wood processing, for which the ProfilCut Q profile tooling system remains unchallenged. In its Premium version, the profile tooling system can operate with cutting speeds of up to 120 meters per second. Leitz presented its powerpack on its own exhibit; its eight tool- and technology-components was aimed at window and door producers who are interested in optimising their machining processes. Other exhibits on the Leitz booth showed technologies for furniture production, extracts from the full range of tools, tool solutions for timber construction and circular saw blades with new laser ornaments filled with a specific damping mass resulting in increased stability and quiet running of the saw blades.   
Tools – good as new
Under the slogan “Tools as new” Leitz also gave a peek behind the scenes of its After-Sales-Service. The service sector on the booth showed what happens from between when the service salesman collects a tool for sharpening or repairing from the customer to returning the tool to the customer. Leitz believes that when leaving one of their services stations, tools should be ‘as new’. Each of their service processes have been optimised for original producer quality. Cutting edge service techniques enable Leitz to give like-new performance throughout the lifetime of the tool, and reliable pick-up and delivery is tailored to your needs. 
Leitz Tooling UK is the UK’s largest supplier of tooling to British industry and all Leitz tools are safety tested to BS EN 847 standards. 
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