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Leitz Tooling makes diamonds your new best friend with bespoke in-house diamond tool production

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From a material profile sample or sketch, Leitz Tooling is now manufacturing polycrystalline diamond (PCD) tipped tools in-house.

Leitz Tooling UK, the UK’s largest supplier of tooling to British industry, provides a full spectrum of tool ranges and solutions for all solid wood, wood derived materials and advanced materials processes. The company has developed a modular design concept which allows them to make high-quality polycrystalline diamond tools fast and affordably. From a drawing or profile sample, Leitz’s tooling technicians can quickly advise on the possible design options and the price of your new tool.

Brian Maddox, Leitz Tooling UK’s sales manager, said “Our modular design for shank tools solves most router machining needs reliably, quickly and economically, with ground shanks to a tolerance engineered for utilising in shrink technology. Our customers are already seeing the benefits of the efficiency of high quality diamond as a cutting material, the low-price and fast delivery of this new service”. The tool’s performance can be further enhanced when used together with Leitz’s thermal Shrink-Fit system which, by eliminating the need for collet system, makes tools essentially ‘mono-bloc’.

Diameter and height settings are supplied as standard to ensure quick and accurate tool set up.

From simple chamfers and bevels to decorative grooves, there are 11 basic designs to suit most machining operations. A profile sketch or wood sample is all that is needed to determine the tool price on site and Leitz welcomes any special requirements.

The continuous cutting tips of the standard designs ensure the profile is free from overlapping edges, even in MDF. Where applications require shear angles in design this gives the highest possible edge quality, using polished PCD tips improve the chip flow and minimise resin build up.

In choosing only the strongest PCD grade, Leitz Tooling allows small wedge angles and sharp cutting edges for clear cuts.
A resharpening area of 3mm gives on average nine+ lives, making customers’ unique and affordable tool even more efficient and cost effective.

Leitz Tooling also provides nationwide professional tool and saw sharpening services for both small and large companies alike and has the capability to service tungsten carbide and high speed steel, as well as PCD tooling. The company’s high precision grinding service also yields longer service life between sharpening or repair, resulting in fewer tool changes, less machine down-time and improved productivity. Contact Brian Maddox on for more information.

All Leitz tools are designed and manufactured to EN847 standards and the UK company is a member of the British Woodworking Federation. Download Leitz’s Tooling app for iPhone, iPad or Android from Apple’s App Store or Google Play – search for ‘Leitz’. Tel: 01279 454530 Fax: 01279 454509

About us
LEITZ TOOLING UK has 60 staff, 29 customer service vehicles and eight service centres, including 160,000sqft UK headquarters in Harlow. The company also offers in-house design, simulation and “fast track” diamond tool manufacture.

Innovation drives Leitz forward making the company a leader worldwide, producing over 8,000 standard tools, not including customer-specific custom tools for the UK market. The company provides full nationwide technical support with its own network of service and technical sales representatives. Leitz supports its products with the Leitz-Lexicon; available in print, as an interactive CD and online, it is one of the most comprehensive and informative publications in the industry, not only helping customers correctly identify tools to the materials being machined, but optimum feed speeds and RPM - information which makes significant improvements in tool running costs and machining efficiencies.

Download Leitz’s Tooling app for iPhone, iPad or Android from Apple’s App Store or Google Play – search for Leitz. Tel: 01279 454530 Fax: 01279 454509