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A diamond is forever, as lasting as the quality offered by Leitz.

Leitz Diamond tooling

Right from the outset: tools with diamond cutting edges (DIA) are not “that expensive” since the act of using them means saving costs. This fact is true for volume manufacturers and for craftsmen who produce small quantities. This is explained by the fact that optimised and customised solutions are available with a large regrinding cutting edge area for high volumes. Moreover standard diamond tools are also available with lower tipping heights (regrinding still possible) for small batch sizes or when the tools are not constantly in use.

Leitz uses three different kinds of diamond cutting material:Monocrystalline diamond
- MCD: this is a synthetic monocrystalPolycrystalline diamond
- PCD: this consists of synthetic diamond crystals with different grain sizes bonded to a tungsten carbide substrate under a special pressure, high temperature method.
- CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) diamond: this is either applied to the cutting element at low temperature and under low pressure in the form of a thin layer or available in the form of a thick film blank.

As a result of innovative cutting and gullet geometries, splitting the profile and unequal number of teeth, the diamond tools are optimised to suit the application. Thanks to different combinations of these product characteristics significant improvements can be made in terms of reducing noise and dust emissions and improving the tool life and surface qualities.Leitz diamond tools ensure optimum results with their customised combination of tool design, cutting materials, processing methods so that Leitz tools will meet your expectations:

Higher quality  
- maximum product quality with precision tools
Economic efficiency  
- optimised and customised tool solutions
Lower costs  
- minimum machining costs and maximum tool life
- professional - reliable - fast

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DIA tooling for any application

Leitz diamond jointing cutter
DP-tipped jointing cutters

Leitz diamond sawblade
DP-tipped circular sawblades

Leitz diamond profile cutter
DP-tipped edge banding cutters

Leitz diamond profile router cutter
DP-tipped profile routers