Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Social commitment

Leitz Tooling UK believes in the importance of giving back.

As a responsible member of society, Leitz makes financial and material donations to education and science, to art and culture and to social and humanitarian projects.

Leitz and Harlow College
Harlow College is a Further Education college in Harlow, Essex. The college is committed to apprenticeships and works in partnership with employers across England. Leitz Tooling UK works with Harlow College to recruit junior and apprentice staff members.

Leitz and Haven House
Haven House Foundation was set up in 1995 to develop a centre of excellence to meet the needs of families of children with life-limiting conditions. Leitz Tooling UK is pleased and proud to support this fantastic organisation which does such amazing work.

Corporate social commitment

Having come from a background of craftsmanship and bound to its heritage over the generations, Leitz also considers it especially important to share responsibility for the cultural and social prosperity of its neighbours.

The machining industry has traditionally been an important economic factor for East Wurttemberg. To increase competitive strength and gain new understanding from research, Leitz, along with other companies in the region, initiated and funds the endowed chair for Production Engineering Machining at the University of Aalen.

A region, however, needs more than an economic stimulus. In the early 1990s Leitz established the "Jazz Lights", a jazz festival held annually in East Wurttemberg. This allows Leitz to support an art form that is obviously poorly funded, although its importance in bringing young people together throughout the world and promoting creativity cannot be underestimated.

Leitz loves wood. To convey technical information and everything worth knowing on the subject of wood, biology and environmental protection as well as humankind's dependence on nature in the most vivid and exciting way possible, Leitz supports the LIGNORAMA Wood and Tool Museum in Riedau, Upper Austria.