Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Machining on hand feed machines

Sliding table panel saws, spindle moulders, jointers and thickness planers.

The majority of all stationary woodworking machines are manual feed machines. The tooling for these machines must meet special design requirements. This primarily involves the rules established in the European standard EN 847-1, which are designed to ensure the greatest possible degree of work safety and are met by all Leitz manual feed tooling. Leitz played a significant part in preparing this standard and is familiar with all the design details. Leitz also dealt with the side-effects of the machining process, such as noise and dust generation and manufactures tools that further reduce the health risks in woodworking. For all of our concern for health, we of course did not forget that the craftsman vouches for this product with his good name. A high level of cutting quality helps shorten follow-up processing steps or replaces them entirely and thereby achieves superior cost-efficiency.

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