Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Wood construction

Saw mills and planing mills, wood construction and timber home construction, carpentry and joining, laminated wood industry.

Technology and a detailed knowledge of materials as well as a strict orientation toward processing quality and cost-effectiveness are the hallmarks of the Leitz tool programme for wood construction. The multi-blade circular saw blades with and without chip limiter are designed especially for you according to your specific requirements and are distinguished by their high stability and narrow kerf. The Leitz planer programme leaves nothing to be desired: from the classic planer head with carbide-tipped planer knives and reversible knives using the quick change system to the multi-resharpenable constant cutting circle VariPlan system with superior economy, you will find all your requirements satisfied. For the laminated wood industry Leitz offers the most extensive mini-finger joint machine programme in the industry. Special solutions for the various applications, such as load-bearing and non-loadbearing finger joints, edge-to-edge joints on high-performance or compact systems, end-to-end joints, PVAC or PUR gluing, softwood or tropical hardwood, joints with or without base clearance or ornamental joints for furniture making ensure the greatest economy in your processes.

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