Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

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ProfilCut Q Premium - compare cutting speed

ProfilCut Q – the new generation of profile tooling system is setting the benchmark in precision, cutting quality and handling. In its premium version, this solution offers the highest cutting speeds in the industry.

Leitz - The right tool for the right application

Leitz ThermoTech Window System Seminar Demonstration at Kendal College, Cumbria.

ProfilCut Q - more productive, faster, more efficient

ProfilCut Q Premium - The new cutterhead system of Leitz is the ultimate solution for companies which want to make the most of their productions.

ProfilCut Q Handling

The new tooling system from Leitz impresses with minimum set up times and maximum user-friendliness.

Leitz PlugTec window corner joint

The window corner joint PlugTec from Leitz for increased stability connected with cost-effective production.

Leitz CNC Aluminum Machining

Leitz innovative technology showing high-speed machining of aluminum, with Diamond-tipped tools [without coolant].

Leitz VariPlan Plus - Changing Knives

Changing knives on a VariPlan Plus planerhead from Leitz.

Tool Measurement - Chip-coding

Measuring shank tools and write data to a chip with Leitz Tool Chip Coding software.
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