Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

The Leitz principles for a successful future

In our strategic direction we strive for a balanced transfer of benefits to our customers, our suppliers, our employees and shareholders.

We see the driving force for qualitative and quantitative above-average growth in our readiness for permanent change and innovation.

With our own production, distribution and service companies we demonstrate good on-site customer relations in the global market as well. As a technology leader we set standards in the industry.

We invest in the latest processes and production facilities, in information technologies and international procurement logistics, in efficient organisation and management structures for a continuous reduction in costs and time spent.

Our quality management system is focussed not only on products and services but equally on customer satisfaction and perfect completion of day-to-day business.

We accept responsibility for our employees and promote motivation and qualifications through permanent training and continuing education.

With resource-conserving, environmentally friendly products and production processes we are committed in the long-term to holistic environmental protection.

We continue to trust in the success factors of a family enterprise, a short decision-making process, continuity, reliability and secure our financial independence with adequate profitability.
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