Tools and tooling systems
for wood and plastics

Globally present and a technology leader

Leitz GmbH & Co. KG with its headquarters in Oberkochen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany is a leading technology manufacturer of machine-driven precision tools and process designed tool systems for the professional processing of solid wood, wood derived and plastic materials.

Leitz together with Boehlerit GmbH & Co. KG in Kapfenberg, Austria and Bilz GmbH & Co KG in Ostfildern, Germany form the Leitz corporate group.

Boehlerit is a specialist in the development and production of innovative tungsten carbide and diamond cutting materials and in this regard also manufactures special tools for metal processing. Bilz operates in the field of tool clamping technology and is a leading manufacturer of thermic clamping systems for high-speed machining in metal, wood and plastics processing.

The Leitz corporate group has production facilities in Europe, America and Asia, countless sales and service companies all over the world, where important loca-tions are concentrating on or re-establishing relevant industries.

Partner and consultant

Leitz sees itself as its customers' guarantor of functionality, process reliability and value for money. In addition to our comprehensive product programme, we also offer consultation services with which the company can make its decades of experience with tools useful to its customers. Besides supplying the tools, these consultation services also include administration including software and storage.
Leitz is also concerned with project and process engineering for economically efficient plant operations, keeps the employees of its customers up to date with training programmes on the latest findings in production engineering and networks the individual service modules for a comprehensive tool-process-management system.

Complete range for professionals

The product spectrum includes the entire range of machine-driven precision tooling for machining solid wood, manufactured wood products and plastics. Our clientele includes industrial enterprises and craftsman's shops in the wood and plastic processing industry, which use Leitz products, for example, in window and timber construction, in panel processing and in furniture making.

Tool service in manufacturer quality

A quality tool can only do its job if is serviced and maintained. Leitz therefore offers worldwide expert reconditioning of tooling to preserve their complete performance over the entire life cycle. A pick-up and delivery service complements this professional service and ensures that the customer can use his tools again as quickly as possible.

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