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"We made 70 sashes in two mornings then straight to the paint shop. This would have normally taken a whole week."
Towers & Keightley Ltd., Leicestershire

“The tooling was delivered at 11am; we started production by 1pm – it was that easy”.                                  
Sutcliffe Joinery, Leeds

With companies looking to diversify, keep up-to-date with regulations and seek a competitive advantage, places on Leitz Tooling's 'A' rated timber window production seminars around the country go quickly. 


Windows allow an outlook, but they can also give an insight – into the surrounding of a building as well as into its use and quality. Windows can also be a showpiece for the owner and the architect. They tell us something about their ideas of style, representation, usability and value.

The oldest material in window manufacturing is wood, and this proven material with its natural beauty, its good heat insulation and easy processing still ranks very highly. It was later joined by plastic and aluminium.

This extended range of materials gives rise to new requirements and construction standards that represent the need for safety with regard to static, functionality, durability and efficiency as well as the growing environmental interest for energy saving; a very topical matter.

This situation leads to interesting new perspectives for hand-crafted as well as industrial window manufacturing for new buildings as well as the restoration of historic building fabric. Whoever wants to use them and make progress in the intensifying international competition will need the right planning, the best manufacturing methods and excellent tools.

Leitz ThermoTech Window System is a complete, compliant and scalable system for the manufacture of high quality ‘A’ rated thermal windows, which reduces waste and sanding and increases performance and finish. The features and benefits of the ThermoTech Window System mean that all design U values of the timber windows are 1.4 or better, the designs are expandable for different hinges, and the profiles on the system are easily changed, without needing to purchase extra tools. The system is available in multi-tool or dedicated sets for spindle moulders, tenoners, CNC machine centres and window machines.

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TTWS leaflet Jan 2015
Leitz ThermoTech Window System
Leitz ThermoTech Window System
BFRC energy rating certificate